"Manners will get you where your money cannot. Do right by people." - Dr. Jermaine Davis. #2024LeadershipConference
10 days ago, Pioneer RESA
Dr. Davis
Congratulations to the first cohort of Pioneer RESA educators who successfully completed their LETRS training today! Over the past two years, these dedicated professionals invested nearly 200 hours in this comprehensive training on the Science of Reading. Kudos to each graduate for their unwavering dedication and commitment to professional development. Their newly acquired expertise will undoubtedly have a profound and lasting impact on students' educational outcomes.
about 1 month ago, Pioneer RESA
It's always an eye-opener when Cory Kirby comes to Pioneer RESA and gives us some legal updates. Thankful for him!
3 months ago, Pioneer RESA
Our very own PL Director Allison Funk presenting at GAEL on where literacy leaders should start and learning strategies to navigate change and help them unlock literacy for more children than ever.
5 months ago, Carly Adam
Allison Funk
What a great way to start today's GACIS meeting! @brianbuffington
5 months ago, Pioneer RESA
What a great turnout at the Curriculum Showcase we're hosting today!
5 months ago, Pioneer RESA
Interested in an ESOL Endorsement? Register by visiting www.pioneerresa.org > course catalog > and search for ESOL to view the next available cohort!
6 months ago, Pioneer RESA
Pioneer RESA's celebrating Christmas today! Merry Christmas to you all!
6 months ago, Pioneer RESA
Thank you to Charles Black Construction for providing lunch today for our Board of Control meeting and Mountain Education's Board meeting! We appreciate you supporting our districts!
9 months ago, Carly Adam
Charles Black Construction
Welcome back to all of our Pioneer RESA districts!! We hope things are smooth sailing 🙃 and remember...we are here to support YOU!
11 months ago, Carly Adam
Welcome back!
The school year has officially begun here at Pioneer RESA! Our GaTAPP candidates have started their Essentials course!
11 months ago, Pioneer RESA
Kristie Dover's last Finance Director's meeting here at Pioneer RESA. All the best, Kristie! You will be missed!
about 1 year ago, Pioneer RESA
We had a great Poverty Simulation yesterday in Hall Co with Flowery Branch Elementary & Martin Technology Academy!
over 1 year ago, Pioneer RESA
poverty sim
pov sim
What a beautiful group of speech and language therapists to support best practices and program compliance!
over 1 year ago, Pioneer RESA
It’s a fun Friday here! Middle School teachers are collaborating about the new standards!
over 1 year ago, Pioneer RESA
middle school
What a wonderful Wednesday to have a GACIS meeting!
over 1 year ago, Pioneer RESA
Having a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with the Pioneer RESA staff! #hohoho
over 1 year ago, Pioneer RESA
What a wonderful day to have a Facilities & Safety Job Alike!
over 1 year ago, Pioneer RESA
Today’s K-2 Math Updates & Collaborative!
over 1 year ago, Pioneer RESA
A fine group of people here for the Board of Control meeting today!
almost 2 years ago, Pioneer RESA