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Pioneer Regional Service Agency

Who are we?

Pioneer RESA serves 15 school systems. We are governed by a 19 member Board of Control which functions much like a local board of education. The Board is comprised of the superintendents of each system in our region, the president of the colleges and universities in our region, the president of the Technical Colleges, and one representative from the public libraries. Funding is provided by the Georgia legislature, by grant funds, and through local membership fees.

The support we give our school systems include facilitative, consultative, technical and staff development service that promotes continuous school improvement planning, building system capacity to sustain change, and to connect school improvement plans to systemic improvement efforts.


Additional Information

Phone: 706-865-2141

Toll-Free: 866-812-7372

Fax: 706-865-6748

Physical Address

1342 Hwy. 254

Cleveland, Ga 30528

1342 Hwy. 254

Cleveland, Ga 30528

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1789

Cleveland, Ga 30528

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