Ethical issues are everywhere.
Ethical Decision-Making by School Board Members
"Understanding Educator Ethics for Board Members"
(3-Hour Online Course)
Provide your school board members with the tools and support to successfully understand their own ethical perspectives and to comprehend the responsibilities that system and school administrators are faced to enforce.
Flyer - (Course #1609)
Ethical Decision-Making for Georgia Educators
(1 PLU Online Course)
This one-of-a-kind program provides educators with tools to build an ethical culture with their class and community by identifying , understanding and praticing ethical decsions.
- (Course #1397)
GaDOE TKE Electronic Platform
Service 01Online Training saves time for administrators and staff, and allows employees to take responsibility for their own training.

Service 02

Insight Data Framework

INSIGHT is a cohort comparison growth model methodology that shows the instructional value added by teachers, programs, and various interventions over time.


Service 03

Perception Surveys

Gather information from school staff, student, parents, and local community about experiences and perceptions of various topics.

Service 04

External Grant Evaluation

Our evaluation service is supported with qualitative and quantitative data that can used for program analysis by school systems.


Introducing the Georgia 1- Credit
Ethics Professional Learning Unit (PLU)


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