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Attention! Upcoming Maintenance
To better serve our systems, Pioneer RESA's Internet Service Provider will be doing maintenance and changing our infrastructure to offer us and ComplianceDirector customers a fault tolerance Internet connection for improved reliability. Therefore we will be out of service Friday, October 31st through Sunday, November 2nd. Barring any problems, our ISP should have us back online Monday, November 3rd.

The Pioneer RESA Board of Control will hold a called meeting on Wednesday, October 22, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. in Olympia 2, Classic Center, Athens, Georgia, to vote on personnel, to appoint two members to CPA Board, to appoint SY 2014 - 2015 Director Evaluation Committee, and to appoint FY 2016 Budget Committee.

Leading the Way with
Services, Solutions, and Products

We develop innovative services and solutions for member systems and offer them as products to others at minimal cost.



Service 01MSP Information

An opportunity for elementary teachers to earn both the Pioneer RESA K-5 Science Endorsement and the Pioneer RESA K-5 Mathematics Endorsement through a collaboration between Pioneer RESA and Emmanuel College and Pioneer RESA and Young Harris College.

Service 02

The Professional Learning Team plans, coordinates, and delivers all courses, workshops, endorsements, and training events of Pioneer Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA). Packet Info


Service 03

Online Training saves time for administrators and staff, and allows employees to take responsibility for their own training.

Service 04

External Grant Evaluation

Our evaluation service is supported with qualitative and quantitative data that can used for program analysis by school systems.


Introducing the Georgia 1- Credit
Ethics Professional Learning Unit (PLU)


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