Board Training Services

The Board Training Services offered by Pioneer RESA brings together all necessary components to fulfill the requirements mandated by the Georgia State Board of Education.
These requirements do not limit what a school board member can learn; in fact, board members are encouraged to develop an ongoing professional development plan so that they can continue to gain knowledge and skills that can be applied to their school board service.
Training can also be customized to the unique needs of a local board and district. These customized workshops can be held in a local district for maximum convenience and participation.

Course Title

Credit Hours

Analyzing Demographic and Financial Data 3 hours
Analyzing Student Achievement and Outcome Data 3 hours
Board Building: Leveraging Individual and Governance Team Strengths through Emergenetics 3 hours
Board Roles and Responsibilities 3 hours
Communicating the School System Message 3 hours
Curriculum and Instructional Leadership for Boards of Education 3 hours
Facilities Planning for Boards of Education 3 hours
Leading Change from the Board Level 3 hours
Legal Issues and Ethics for Boards of Education 3 hours
Personnel Leadership for Boards of Education 3 hours
Planning for Boards of Education 3 hours
Review and Revision of System Goals and Priorities 3 hours
System Wide Technology Initiatives for Board of Education 3 hours
Understanding Educator Ethics for Board Members

Pioneer RESA Trainers:                                                                                                                                                     

Dr. Catharyn A. Baird, CEO/Founder of EthicsGame, LLC

Dr. Sandy Bales, Consultant, Pioneer RESA

Dr. Stacey Benson, GNETS Director

Mr. Brian Buffington, Consultant, Pioneer RESA

Dr. Russ Cook, University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute

Dr. Keith Everson, Director, Northeast Georgia RESA

Mr. Doug Fields, Facilities Consultant

Dr. Dennis Fordham, Leadership and Finance Consultant

Mr. Michael J. Hourihan, University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute

Mr. Jason Kaup, Consultant, Pioneer RESA

Dr. Richard Krise, Consultant, Pioneer RESA

Ms. Holly Mauney, Consultant, Pioneer RESA

Mr. Claude Walton McBride, Jr., University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute

Mr. Justin Old, Executive Director, Pioneer RESA

Dr. Ruth O’Dell, former Superintendent, Franklin County Schools

Ms. Jan Pearce, Consultant, Pioneer RESA

Ms. Susan Proctor, Director of Professional Learning, Pioneer RESA

Ms. Elizabeth Puckett, Consultant, Pioneer RESA

Dr. Marcia Williams, Consultant, Pioneer RESA

Dr. Mark Wilson, Leadership and School Improvement Consultant, The Education Leadership Group

Other Specialists as needed to address local system needs

No charge to Pioneer RESA member systems. Fees charged by external consultants may apply.

Fee for non-member systems is $150 per Board Member per course, plus fees of external consultants.

Fee to Pioneer RESA member systems id $50 for each on-line course.

Fee for non-member systems is $75 for each on-line course.

For additional information about Board Training services please contact Justin Old, 706-865-2141 ext. 267