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Pioneer RESA offers custom-designed professional learning based on system and school request. We work closely with systems to develop professional learning that best meets the unique goals and needs of the individual school system and/or school. The Professional Learning Team plans, coordinates, and delivers all courses, workshops, endorsements, and training events of Pioneer RESA. The Team offers regularly scheduled courses as well as on-request training and events. High-quality professional learning focused on research-based strategies, is essential for school improvement. Well-designed professional learning supports and increases the effectiveness of all staff members and ultimately student learning. An annual needs assessment is conducted each year with our regional school systems to determine professional learning offerings. Professional learning offerings are aligned to the Georgia Leader and Teacher Performance Standards, when appropriate. Professional Learning offerings, including f2f and online courses, are posted on our online course catalog. Individuals may register for a workshop or course by accessing the course catalog.


Eight endorsements are offered for certified staff: Coaching Endorsement, ESOL, Gifted In-field, K-5 Math, K-5 Science, Online Teaching, and Reading. For greater accessibility, endorsements are offered as cohorts within the school systems in our region and may be scheduled by contacting the Professional Learning team leader.

For Additional Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Professional Learning Team:

706-865-2141 ex. 244  Susan Proctor,  Director of Professional Learning

706-865-2141 ex. 236  Marilyn Delgado,  Administrative Assistant

706-865-2141 ex. 223  Wreatha Turner, Administrative Assistant