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Welcome:       Dr. Damon Gibbs


Consent Agenda

Minutes from the September 19, 2018 Board of Control Meeting

Financial Statement Ending September 30, 2018

Cornelia FIeld Trips


FUTURES Recommendations


  • Recommendation of Taneshia Martin- Substitute (effective 10/9/18);
  • Recommendation of Karen Hicks- Substitute for Cornelia (effective 10/9/18)

Substitutes Transitioning to Paraprofessional

  • Recommendation of Crystal Ferguson- Substitute for Cornelia (pending background check and substitute class) until para certificate is obtained (pending para certification).

Substitute Transitioning to Teacher

  • Recommendation of Linda Patterson- Substitute for Cornelia until SPED certification is obtained (pending background check) then Teacher for Cornelia (pending SPED certification and background check);


  • Recommendation of Rhonda Dodds- Para for Cornelia (pending para certification);
  • Recommendation of Ashley Miller- Para for Cornelia (pending background check and para certification);


  • Resignation of  Megan Worley (Did not accept the para position offered.)
  • Resignation of Beth Palmer paraprofessional, Cornelia Site

Position Eliminated Due to Funding

  • Debbie Currere –  DOE funding for Georgia SPDG Grant #H323A120020 for the position of Parent Support Specialist ended on 09/30/2018.

Open Forum:     


Pioneer RESA Leadership Conference Flyer

CPA March 2017 Report