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Welcome:       Melissa Williams


Consent Agenda

Minutes from the February 23, 2016 Board of Control Meeting

Financial Statement Ending February 29, 2016

Director’s Report:

Leadership Development Proposals

Information: Pioneer RESA/GLISI Aspiring Leaders Program Proposal – Dr. Gale Hulme

Information: Optimizing and Transforming Executive Leadership Proposal – Dr. Ruth O’Dell

Information: Optimizing and Transforming District Leadership Proposal – Dr. Ruth O’Dell

Information:  Pioneer RESA Leadership Conference – Mr. Justin Old

Information:  Fingerprinting – Ms. Whitney Cathey

Information:  FUTURES – Dr. Stacey Benson

New Business:

Recommendation for Revision of Policy GAK(1) – Criminal Background Check


Recommendation of Ms. Marilyn Delgado, Professional Learning Administrative Assistant, RESA

Retirement of Donna Towery, Teacher, FUTURES Program, Union County

Retirement of Mary Spoon, Teacher, FUTURES Program, Forsyth County

Release from Contract and Resignation of Tracey Green, Teacher, FUTURES Program

Open Forum:  Strategic Health Solutions


CPA February 2016 Report            

Leadership Conference Flyer


Working breakfast will be provided while discussion continues.