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Welcome:              Dr. Jeff Wilson

Recognitions:        Dr. Jeff Wilson

Approvals:           ●      Consent Agenda

Minutes from the June 11, 2014 Board of Control Meeting

Director’s Report:

  •      Charter System – School Level Governance Training – Mr. Justin Old
  • Student Compliance – Mr. Justin Old
  • Pioneer RESA Summer Leadership Conference


New Business:    

   ●    Fiscal Agent for the 2014-2015 Family Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA- CTAE) Grant

  •  Professional Learning Vision – Mr. Justin Old
  •      Vision/Mission Draft – Mr. Justin Old




 ●  Recommendation of Mr. Clindon Middleton, Paraprofessional, GNETS Program, Gainesville

  •     Recommendation of Ms. Crystal Elder, Paraprofessional, GNETS Program, Gainesville
  •     Recommendation of Ms. Carolee Jones, Paraprofessional, GNETS Program, Carnesville
  •  Recommendation of release from 2014-2015 Contract, Ms. Melissa Ferreria, Teacher, GNETS Program, Gainesville
  • Recommendation to transfer Ms. Andrea Cilluffo from Paraprofessional to Teacher, GNETS

Program, Gainesville

  •     Resignation of Ms. Lisa Saxon, Leadership & Organizational, Development Specialist,ioneer RESA
  •     Resignation of Mr. Chad Sorrells, Paraprofessional, GNETS Program, Carnesville
  •     Recommendation to accept as information the retirement of Mr. Doug Jackson, Paraprofessional, GNETS Program, Gainesville


Open Forum:



    ●    CPA End of Year Report