Job Alikes

The purpose of the Job-Alike Groups is to provide a forum for job-specific professional learning activities for staff members of both Pioneer member systems and its higher education institution affiliates.


Meetings are held on a regular basis in order for system representatives to:

  • Discuss common concerns and issues

  • Share ideas, resources, and information

  • Disseminate news from local, state, and federal sources

  • Engage in collaborative professional development and problem-solving efforts relative to how specific job roles can improve performance levels as stated in the above mission


Participation is voluntary. Each member system and higher education institution is asked to identify at least one individual to serve as a representative to chosen job-alike groups and to notify the respective Pioneer liaison of the names, e-mail addresses, and other contact information of the representative(s) by September of each school year.

For more information about a specific group please contact the facilitator. 

CTAE Directors

ESOL Directors

Facilities Directors

Finance DIrectors


Human Resources

Media Specialist


Nutrition Directors

Payroll Directors

School Bookkeeper

School Counselor

School Psychologist

Technology Directors

Transportation Directors

Bobby Whitlock – 706-654-8745

Susan Proctor – 706-219-7517

Bobby Whitlock – 706-654-8745

Kristie Dover – 706-219-7506

Justin Old – 706-219-7530

Jason Kaup – 706-219-7514

Susan Proctor – 706-219-7517

Jason Kaup – 706-219-7514

Jason Kaup – 706-219-7514

Kristie Dover – 706-219-7506

Kristie Dover – 706-219-7506

Susan Proctor – 706-219-7517

Dr. Pam Kirkpatrick – 706-219-7511

Brian Buffington – 706-219-7524

Susan Proctor – 706-219-7517