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Welcome:          Dr. Damon Gibbs



  •        Consent Agenda

Minutes from the January 2019 Board of Control Meeting
Financial Statement Ending January 31, 2019  

Director’s Report:

  •        Information: Philip Wright Awards  – Dr. Charity Roberts
  •        Information:  Tech Directors and HHH – Mr. Brian Buffington
  •        Information: Vaping Facebook Live – Mr. Brian Buffington
  •        Information: Wrap Around Service – Mr.  Justin Old
  •        Information: New Compliance Director Module – Dr. Pam Kirkpatrick  
  •         Information: Pioneer RESA Leadership Conference – Mr. Justin Old

New Business:

Personnel Approvals:

The FUTURES Program Recommendations

Recommend the following staff:

Kelly Meeks- substitute teacher (retroactive to February 11, 2019);

Robert Grimes- Cornelia paraprofessional;

Sidney McClure- Cornelia paraprofessional (pending background check and obtaining para certification);

Craig Poore- FY20 Site Coordinator for the Cornelia Center effective June 1, 2019 (pending

                      background check);

Mary Little- FY20 teacher effective July 1, 2019 (pending background check and obtaining SPED


Taneshia Martin- FY20 move from para to teacher effective July 1, 2019 (pending obtaining SPED


Barbara Waters- Forsyth paraprofessional (pending obtaining para certification); and

Christina Bombelyn- FY20 move from Teacher to School Counselor effective July 1, 2019 (pending obtaining

                                 school counselor certification).

Recommending the following resignations:

Julie James- paraprofessional at Cornelia;

Kendra Catron- paraprofessional at Black’s Mill Elementary (effective at the end of the 2018-2019 school year).




Open Forum:

Gov. Kemp – $3,000 Pay Raise

SB 15