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Welcome: Dr. Darren Berrong



  • Consent Agenda

Minutes from the January 15, 2020

Financial Statement Ending January 31, 2020

Director’s Report:

New Business

Approval:  Certification of Resolution – Cornelia Site – Ms. Kristie Dover

The Georgia Department of Education, Facilities Services Section, requires a Certificate of the Board of Education resolution be approved by the local Board of Control upon completion of any project that is funded by Capital Outlay state funds.  We are receiving capital outlay funds in the amount of $1,879,410.85 for state project #16-668-GN010, Habersham Futures GNETS, Cornelia.  The project was completed in phases.  Phases 2, 3 through 5, and 6 through 8 will require separate Certificates.

Approval:  The FUTURES Program Field Trip Request





Susan Proctor Retirement 

The FUTURES Program Recommendation

This correspondence is to recommend the following staff:

  •   Brogan King           paraprofessional (pending background and obtaining para certification); and
  •   Kristen Ward          paraprofessional (pending background and obtaining para certification).

I would also like to recommend the following resignations/retirement requests:

 Next, our Cornelia nurse, Renee Ledford is out on FMLA.  It ended on February 6, 2020. I would like to recommend an extension to March 27, 2020. 


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