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Welcome:       Mr. Mark Henson


Consent Agenda

Minutes from the November 16, 2016 Board of Control Meeting

Financial Statement Ending November 30, 2016

Director’s Report:

Information: Fingerprinting Price Reductions – Mr. Justin Old

Information: Beating the Odds – Mr. Justin Old

Information:  Positive Athlete – Mr. Ryan Pederson

Old Business:

Update on Pre-Cert – Dr. Mark Wilson

New Business:


Recommendations – FUTURES

Recommendation of Ms. Casandra Pregler, Paraprofessional, FUTURES, Habersham

Recommendation to move Ms. Amanda Hobson from Paraprofessional, FUTURES, Forsyth, to             

Teacher, FUTURES, Forsyth

Open Forum:  


CPA November 2016 Report


Working breakfast will be provided while discussion continues.