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Welcome:          Dr. Darren Berrong


  •        Consent Agenda

Minutes from the October 17, 2018 Board of Control Meeting

Financial Statement dated October 31, 2018, and November 30, 2018

Director’s Report:

New Business

  •        Information:     Pioneer RESA Budget Committee –  Justin Old
  •        Information:     Pioneer RESA Director Evaluation Committee –  Justin Old
  •        Information:    CPA Minutes – Justin Old


FUTURES Recommendations

  1. Holly Webb- paraprofessional for the Forsyth Center (effective 11/14/18),
  2. Leslie Scarpa- substitute for the FUTURES Program (effective 11/14/18),
  3. Barbara Waters- substitute for the FUTURES Program (pending background check and substitute training) (effective 11/14/18),
  4. John Kelly- teacher for the Cornelia Center (effective 11/14/18), and
  5. Taneshia Martin- paraprofessional for the Cornelia Center (pending obtaining certification).

The resignation of:

  1. Gary Nunnally (effective 11/14/18)
  2. Tameka Walden (effective 11/14/18)
  3. Rachel Means

Recess:  Meeting will take a short recess and reconvene in Room A and B.

New Business: