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Welcome: Dr. Darren Berrong



  • Consent Agenda

Minutes from the June 13, 2019 and July 14, 2019  Meeting

Financial Statement Ending June 30, 2019 Preliminary Year End

Director’s Report:


  • Information: School Closing Contacts – Mr. Justin Old
  • Information: Global Email List – Mr. Justin Old
  • Information: FY 20 Job Alikes – Mr. Justin Old   (handout)
  • Information: Legal Talks with HHH – Mr. Justin Old   (handout)
        • September 25, 2019  and March 25, 2020
  • Information: Pioneers in Education Information – Mr. Justin Old  (handout)
  • Information: FY20 SpEd Leader Academy– Dr. Charity Roberts
  • Information: SPED Coach Academy – Dr. Charity Roberts
  • Information: MTSS – Dr. Charity Roberts
  • Information: Adulting Day! – Dr. Rob Brown and Mr. Justin Old (handout)
  • Information: Pioneer RESA Data Warehouse Update – Ms. Holly Mauney
  • Information: Assessment Directors Job Alike – Ms. Holly Mauney
  • Information: EdTech Showcase– Brian Buffington (Video)

New Business:

  • Approval:     Peach State Federal Approval – Kristie Dover   (handout)
  • Approval:     Recommend that The FUTURES Program utilize Education Staffing and Management Solutions for substitute teachers in the Cornelia Center, Forsyth Center, and the Dawson County School Based Classrooms.
  • Approval:    Recommend the following changes to substitute pay for The FUTURES Program:
    • Substitute Pay for Staff Absences (1-9 days) to $85.00 per day.

    • If serving as a substitute 10 or more consecutive days in the same classroom/assignment as a paraprofessional or a teacher, the substitute will be paid, from Day One, $115 per day.

    • Long Term Substitutes defined as a Substitute holding GA Certification and assigned in-field for 10 or more consecutive days in the same classroom/assignment during a professional educator’s absence (teacher) will be paid $150 per day for all days of service in that classroom/assignment.

Executive Session:


The FUTURES Program Recommendations

This correspondence is to recommend the following staff:

  •         Rachel Means-      paraprofessional effective 8/8/19
  •         Dianna Bennett-    move from paraprofessional to substitute effective 8/5/19
  •         Maira Sanchez-     substitute effective 7/29/19 (pending completion of sub training)
  •         Luis Viera-           paraprofessional effective 7/29/19 (pending obtaining para certification- will continue to serve as substitute until para certification is obtained)
  •        Lyndsay Cook-     paraprofessional (pending background check and obtaining para certification)
  •        Kelly Meeks-       move from substitute to paraprofessional (pending obtaining para certification)
  •        Tiffany Fowler-    paraprofessional (pending background check, completion of sub training, and para 

                                            certification will serve as a substitute until para certification is obtained)

  • Gwendolyn Norman- paraprofessional (pending background check and obtaining para certification)
  • Anna Arthur- move from Secretary to Administrative Assistant
  • Tanisha Martin- move from paraprofessional to teacher (pending obtaining SPED Certification in General
  • Curriculum and the content areas)

I would also like to recommend the following resignations:


Open Forum



Job Alike Offerings

Legal Talks with HHH

Pioneers in Education Awards

FY20 August FUTURES Monthly Update