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Welcome:              Dr. Jeff Wilson


Recognitions:        Dr. Jeff Wilson


Approvals:           ●      Consent Agenda

Minutes from the July 23, 2014 Board of Control Meeting

Financial Statement Ending June 30, 2014

Director’s Report:

  •  Data Comparisons – Mr. Michael Catledge
  •  Professional Learning integrated with TAPS Standards – Ms.   Holly Mauney
  •   Science Update – Dr. Michael Bush
  •      ELA Trainings – Ms. Jan Black
  •      PBIS Update – Mr. Jason Kaup
  •    Technology Update – Ms. Lori McCoy
  •   Job Alike Update with Facilitators – Mr. Justin Old
  •    MSP Preparation – Mr. Justin Old
  •     MSP – Recommendation to State Department of Education –     Mr. Justin Old
  •   Local School Governance Training – Mr. Justin Old
  •      The FUTURES Program – Dr. Stacey Benson
  •    Update on Enrollment
  •    Restraint Procedures
  •     Golf Event
  •      Medal of Honor Teacher Resource – Mr. Justin Old
  •      Upcoming Professional Learning – Mr. Justin Old


Old Business:     

  ●    Consideration of Pioneer RESA Vision/Mission


New Business:     

 ●    Recommendation for approval of MasterCard/VISA- Ms. Kristie Dover


Executive Session:     



 ●    Recommendation that the Leadership & Organizational Development Specialist position be 49% plus three months

  •     Recommendation of Ms. Suzanne Reese Johnston, Paraprofessional, FUTURES Program, Gainesville
  •    Recommendation of Breanna Bardenwerper, Part Time Professional Learning Secretary, RESA
  •      Resignation of Ms. Carolee Jones, Paraprofessional, FUTURES Program, Carnesville
  •     Resignation of Ms. Sandra Lepkoske, Paraprofessional, FUTURES Program, Gainesville
  • Resignation of Ms. Vickie Rundbaken, Director of FCCLA-CTAE, Pioneer RESA


Open Forum:



   ●    CPA July Report

  •           SLDS/TRL/Growth Model Training
  •     Upcoming Professional Learning